A Visual Guide to Erectile Dysfunction

20 years ago, American men in the form of Viagra saw a ray of hope. When men above 40 years were
giving up on their sex life, in 1998, the Fazer Pharma Company created a panic that the world was not
the same. This little blue pill went into the ears of millions of old men and said that there is still room for
sex in their lives.
Interestingly, Viagra was not brought to the market under any thoughtful scheme. In fact, in 1991, the fire
company was investigating a drug called Sildenafil Citrate for angina (a chest pain caused by reduced
blood flow). The men who took part in this experiment talked about a side effect in their report.
In the words of the American radio service NPR, this drug is not able to give rest to the blood vessels,
but something else is getting up. For this reason, many people started calling it ‚Pfizer Riser‘. The
company took this information received from men seriously. Work was done in this direction. And then in
1998, this medicine which brought a revolution in the world of sex became the Ram Baan treatment of
Millions of men around the world look at Viagra for problems related to gender weakness. Initially, this
drug advertisement appeared in the US Republican Senator Bob Dole, who spoke openly about his
weakness related to genitals.However, there has always been a complaint about Viagra’s company that
it has not paid attention to women’s sex-related problems. In such a situation, ‚Female Viagra‘ was
brought in 2015. It was designed keeping in mind those women whose interest in sex is becoming less.
However, it did not prove to be as effective as male Viagra. Along with this, many major side effects were also
seen such as vomiting, live panic, even suicidal thoughts. That is, it cannot be considered
successful. Many types of misconceptions have also been scattered about Viagra. However, Pfizer’s
linking it to the male enhancement has worked.

How does Viagra work for men?

The brand that makes Viagra is Pfizer. It uses a sildenafil drug that treats problems like erectile
dysfunction or impotence. The brand that makes Viagra is Pfizer. It uses a sildenafil drug that treats
problems like erectile dysfunction or impotence. According to sexologist „Eating Viagra 45 minutes or an
hour before sex and masturbation is an erection on stimulation and penetrative sexual intercourse is also
successful. However, many people buy Viagra online without consulting their doctors, causing them to
face a lot of side effects.

How does Viagra work?

Penile erection is possible when the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle present in the penis is relaxed
and the blood flow in the penis increases. Sildenafil works as a selective inhibitor of the type 5 enzyme
PDE (phosphodiesterase), causing muscle relaxations and erections during intercourse. Muscles relax
and erection occurs during intercourse.

Keep these tips in mind before taking Viagra

Do not take high-fat food if you are about to take Viagra at night.

. Take this tablet at least after two hours of eating, otherwise, it will have less effect.

 . Do not take Viagra without a doctor’s advice, or increase its dose.

Some people may have side effects such as headache, blurred vision, nasal congestion, etc.

 . Do not expect that this pill will work wonders at first. The drug takes some time to adjust to your

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